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Exchange BKF Repair - Recover Corrupt EDB, STM & Log Files of Exchange Server

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exchange bkf recovery

Repair Corrupt Exchange BKF Files And Restore Exchange BKF Files In A Matter Of Moments

Exchange BKF Repair Tool is an efficient data recovery system for to repair corrupt exchange bkf files. Exchange BKF Recovery Software uses an advanced recovery algorithm which makes data recovery from corrupt backup files quick and easy than before. Unlike other Exchange BKF Repair Tools, it provides smart features in order to restore maximum possible data from corrupt Exchange Database files of Exchange Sever in minimum possible time. This Software supports recovery of all three important files: EDB, STM and Log, and save them in their original form at user-defined location.

Key Features Of Exchange BKF Recovery Tool

Safe & Quick

Exchange BKF Recovery software is safe-to-use, hence doesn’t cause any changes or alteration to original data. It performs quick recovery of corrupt Exchange BKF files and restore exchange BKF files in no time.

Full BKF Recovery

Via this Exchange Data Recovery Software, users can perform complete data recovery from corrupt Exchange backup. There are three important files in Exchange Backup: EDB, STM and Log, which can be recovered by this software with ease.

Advance Search

This Exchnage BKF recovery software provides you an advance search feature which will help search your Exchange BKF files in your computer system. You must use this feature if you’re not sure where your files are stored.

Smart Preview

Once the scanning process of selected BKF file is completed, it shows all the recovered data in a tree-structure. You can expand the folders one by one to check the recovered files and their status.

Folders’ Structure Recovery

Original folders’ structure of corrupt Exchange Database files can easily be restored by this software. The folder structure shows how your files and folders are stored in Exchange BKF file.

Show Internal Details

All the internal details of the selected Exchange BKF file are shown in a separate window. This will show you Exchange BKF file information and its details. Also, users can check file status as well.

Folder Hierarchy

This smart saving feature of this Exchange Data Recovery Software allows users to save their recovered data in the existing folder hierarchy at user-defined location. Users can select files and folders in tree-structure which they want to save.

No Size Limitation

There’s no such size limitation for selecting Exchange BKF file. It supports any large-sized BKF file, and takes very less time in scanning the file and recovering data from it.

Log File Creation

Users are allowed to create a Log file at user-defined location. The log file is saved in text format, and it contains all the information of file scanning and data recovery.

Snapshot Feature

This feature allows users to save the snapshots of Exchange BKF recovery process at user-defined location. Also, users can upload them to avoid rescanning the same file.


Restore Exchange BKF Files with ease. This Exchange BKF Recovery software is an easy-to-use application that requires no prior technical expertise. It has a self-explanatory interface, so that any technical or non-technical user can use it with ease.

Windows Support

Software provides an extensive Windows support which means you can run it on all major Windows operating systems including latest Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit).

Take a glance at the displayed Screenshots providing detailed steps to help you grasp the working procedure in detail

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  • Can I recover my complete data of corrupt Exchange Database files?

    Ans. . Yes, Exchange BKF Repair Tool helps you to recover maximum possible data from corrupt Exchange BKF files without causing any changes or alteration. It can swiftly scan your corrupt files and restore Exchange BKF Files at any location on your computer system.
  • What are the three important file types contained in Exchange backup?

    Ans. Exchange backup contains three important file types: EDB aka Exchange Information Store Database, STM aka Exchange Streaming Media File and Log files. This Exchange BKF Repair Tool supports recovery of all these files from corrupt Exchange backup.
  • Is there any size limitation to select file for recovery?

    Ans. No, there’s no such size limitation with this software. You can select any large-sized Exchange BKF file for recovery, even it doesn’t take much time to scan the file and repair corrupt exchange BKF files.
  • Can I use this software on higher Windows versions, like Windows 10?

    Ans. Being a Windows system utility, Exchange BKF Repair Tool is highly compatible with all major Windows operating systems including the latest Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit).
  • I’ve never used any such software in my past. Does it require any prior technical expertise?

    Ans. No. It is an easy-to-use application that requires no prior technical expertise. Even the user-interface is highly interactive and self-explanatory. So that everyone can use this software with ease.