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BKF Repair - Advanced BKF File Repair Tool For BKF Recovery

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bkf recovery

Repair Corrupt BKF Files And Recover Backup Files In Matter Of Seconds

BKF file repair tool combines user friendly set up with a highly advanced recovery algorithm. This BKF Recovery Software provides you with a result-oriented solution that amazingly works with corrupt BKF files created by Windows NT-Backup utility. The powerful recovery algorithm in this software allows users to restore maximum possible data from BKF files which are corrupt due to various reasons. The high-end algorithm of this software allows users to restore BKF files of their system in just a few mouse clicks. Not only that, this BKF Recovery Software is compatible with Most of the latest versions of Windows.

Key Features Of BKF Recovery Software

Safe Instant Recovery

It’s very safe to use BKF Repair software to repair corrupt BKF files. The data integrity and original file structure are remained intact after BKF recovery. Also, it doesn’t take much time in restoring BKF files’ data even if you’re having large-sized BKF files.

Advance Search Option

The advance search option of software allows users to search their BKF files in your computer system. If you have no idea where your BKF files are stored, you can use this feature. Search feature is also available for searching recovered files in tree-structure.

Smart Range Scan

Software provides you a smart range scan feature which is very helpful for advance users. It has two options: either you can set Complete Range or Partial Range for recovering data from corrupt BKF files. In partial range, you need to define left and right ranges.

Tree-Structure Preview

Once scanning process is completed, software will show you tree-structure preview of recovered files and folders. You can click the ROOT folder on the top to expand it, plus you can also check the BKF file status.

Smart File Preview

BKF Repair Tool provides you with smart file preview feature by double-clicking the recovered files in tree-structure one by one. It supports preview of more than 200 file types. Files only up to 10 MB of size can be previewed.

Swift Scanning

Software can swiftly scan large-sized BKF files without taking much time. A BKF file more than 1 TB of size has been successfully tested by this software. You can scan 100 GB of BKF file within just 60 seconds.

Log File Creation

Users are allowed to save BKF scanning and recovery process in a log file by using its Log feature. Once the scanning process is completed, you can click Log button on toolbar to generate log file in text format containing file information at user-defined location.

Unicode Characters Support

To repair corrupt BKF Files you need to have a smart tool and an efficient tool. The BKF Repair Software smartly understands data saved in Unicode character format. It can read it during file scanning and recover backup files related to it.

User-Defined Saving

Users are allowed to save recovered backup files at any location on their system. Also, they can select what they want to save in the tree-structure.

Folder Hierarchy Support

This feature in Bkf file repair tool enables users to save the data in existing folder hierarchy at user-specific location.

Simple & interactive UI

The BKF recovery software has a very simple and easy interactive wizard. With this clear and simplified interface, even a non-technical user can restore BKF Files from his system.

Renaming Feature

The Rename option in this software allows you to give a new name for your recovered backup files before you can save them in their original form.

Take a glance at the displayed Screenshots providing detailed steps to help you grasp the working procedure in detail

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  • How to use Search feature in this software?

    Ans. The Search feature in this Backup Repair software is very helpful for users. If you have no idea where your BKF files are stored in your computer system, you must try this advanced feature. This will search your BKF files in your system within a few seconds, and then you can select them to perform data recovery.
  • Can I check preview of recovered files and other data before saving them?

    Ans. Yes, the preview feature is enabled in this software. Once the scanning process is completed, you can see all the recovered data in the tree-structure. The ROOT folder is shown on the top. You can expand the folder and then other subfolders one by one to check the recovered files. Also, users are allowed to check the file preview by double-clicking it. The file preview is shown in a separate pane.
  • What are the most common reasons of corruption in BKF files?

    Ans. The fact is that no computer file is immune to corruption, so is the backup file. There are numerous reasons which may cause corruption in BKF files, and make them inaccessible. The most common reasons are virus infection, bugs attack, abruptly system shutdown, sudden power outage, hard disk crash or failure, software malfunction, interrupted backup job as well as human errors. You can’t restore anything from a corrupt BKF file.
  • Can this software recover the data and files saved in Unicode character format?

    Ans. Yes, Backup Repair software supports recovery of Unicode format. If your files and other data are saved in Unicode character format, the software can read them and recover them with ease from corrupt BKF files.
  • What is the use of Snapshot feature? How is it helpful?

    Ans. Backup Repair software provides you smart Snapshot feature which is very useful. It includes saving snapshot and loading snapshot. You can save the snapshot of BKF recovery process at any location. In future, whenever you need to perform recovery from the same BKF file again, you can simply load the snapshot (saved earlier) instead of rescanning the file. This feature will surely save your enough time.


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