Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool

Repair & Recover Corrupt BKF Files Created By NT-Backup & Symantec

Backup Exec BKF Repair
  • Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool Supports recovery of corrupt BKF files created by Windows NT-Backup and Symantec (VERITAS) Backup Exec
  • Smart Search feature to search BKF files in the computer system
  • Unmatched support for compressed as well as split BKF files with no problem
  • Two recovery modes, i.e. Standard & Advanced, to recover split BKF files from different level of corruption
  • Users are allowed to perform either Complete scanning or Partial scanning to carry out Backup Exec BKF Recovery
  • Tree-structure preview of recovered Split BKF Files in a separate pane
  • Smart file preview of recovered data in a separate pane
  • Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool, allows the users to select the recovered files and folders which they want to save
  • Quick saving of data in their original form at user-defined location
  • Log file creation in text format for saving the information of BKF recovery process
  • Snapshot feature available with this Tools to save snapshots of Backup Exec BKF Recovery and uploading them

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Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools Recover Split BKF Files Seamlessly

backup exec recovery

Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools is exactly that what you've been looking for! It's best known for supporting Backup EXEC repair created by Windows NT-Backup utility as well as Symantec Backup Exec.

If you're having a compressed BKF file or split BKF files, this Tools is just a boon for you. This Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools supports all such BKF files and restores maximum possible data from them. Via this tool, the files are restored in their original form, and can be saved at user-defined location.

Key Features Of Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools

NT-Backup Recovery

Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools smartly supports BKF files created by Windows NT-Backup utility. NT-Backup utility is commonly used among Windows users for system backup. This Tools recovers maximum possible data from corrupt BKF files.

Symantec Backup Recovery

Also, it smartly supports BKF files created by Symantec Backup Exec. It was formerly known as VERITAS. You just need to select the BKF file, and Tools will start scanning the file and show you all the recovered data in a tree-structure.

Smart Files Search

If you have no idea where the BKF files are stored in your computer system, you must use the smart search feature of this Backup EXEC BKF Repair Tool. This will search the BKF files in auto mode, so you can select the files and perform data recovery from them.

Compressed BKF Files

If the BKF files are compressed in form, this is the only Tools that can recover your data from them. It first detects the compression type, and then successfully take care of the Backup EXEC BKF Recovery process.

Split BKF Files

You can use this Backup Exec BKF Repair Tool even if your BKF files are split into multiple parts. Unlike other recovery Tools, it supports recovery from split BKF files with ease. You can select the first part of BKF file. Make sure all the parts are saved in the same folder.

Dual Recovery Modes

There are two recovery modes in this Tools for handling different level of corruption. You should elect Standard Mode of recovery to fix minor corruption issues, and Advance Mode of recovery to fix major or severe corruption issues.

Complete & Partial Scanning

Via this Tools, you can scan corrupt BKF file in two different ways: complete scanning option will scan the BKF file completely. But if you select partial scanning, you need to define the range from minimum to maximum (in bytes).

Tree-Structure Preview

Once the selected BKF file is successfully scanned, Tools will create a tree-structure in which you can see all your recovered files and folders. You need to expand the folders in the tree-structure one by one to check the recovered files.

Smart File Preview

Backup EXEC BKF Repair Tool enables you to check the preview of recovered files. To preview a recovered file, you can double-click the file. The preview will be shown in a separate pane.

Quick Saving

Backup EXEC BKF Repair Tools provides you a quick saving by which you can save thousands of recovered files in just a couple of minutes. Also, you can select the specific files what you want to save.

Log File Creation

You can create a log file for saving the recovered files in text format at user-defined location. You just need to click Log button on the toolbar and define a location.

Saving & Uploading Snapshots

Also, you can save the snapshots of BKF recovery process at user-defined location. You can upload them in future to avoid rescanning of the same BKF file.


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Free Demo For Backup Exec BKF Recovery Tools

"SysInfoTools Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools is available with free demo version. You can download the demo version and check all the functionalities of this Backup EXEC BKF Repair Tool before purchasing the full version. The demo version allows you to repair corrupt BKF files, but you cannot save the recovered output. You can see the preview of recovered data in demo version. To save recovered data full version of Tools is required."

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Frequently Asked Questions
It doesn't matter what you use to create backup file, be it Windows NT-Backup utility or Symantec (VERITAS) Backup Exec, Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools supports corrupt BKF files created by both these utilities.
Tools provides you two recovery modes: Standard and Advanced. You can select any of them as per the level of corruption in your BKF files. For example: if corruption is minor, Standard Mode of recovery can help you recovering your data from corrupt BKF file. Or if corruption is major or severe, you should try Advanced Mode of recovery. You should start the recovery process with standard mode. If it fails or doesn't recover maximum possible data, then you should try advanced mode.
Compression on a backup file is only possible if you're using Symantec Backup Exec. Compression helps users reduce the size of backup files without causing any alteration or data loss. Generally, a backup file is really large in size as it contains a large amount of data, especially if you're backing up Exchange Server. In such situation, compression plays a very crucial role in reducing file size. Also, a BKF file can be split into multiple parts. If you're using Windows NT-Backup utility, it splits BKF file into multiple parts if it's large in size. For example: if you're having a large BKF file of 20 GB, it'll split the BKF file into 4 parts (5 GB each). This Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools supports recovery from all such types of BKF files with high accuracy.
Backup Exec BKF Repair Tools supports preview of more than 200 types of formats including all popular image, audio, video, document, email and other formats. Even Backup EXEC BKF Repair Tool allows its users to check the preview of their recovered data and files before they can save them. File preview is shown in a separate pane.
There are two different ways by which you scan your corrupt BKF files: Complete and Partial. If you want to scan the complete file, you can choose complete scanning mode in which the complete BKF file will be scanned. Or if you want to scan the BKF file partially, i.e. few part of the file, you can define the minimum bites and maximum bites of the files (in KBs). This will only scan the defined range in BKF file.